40+ Singles and Dating

40+ Singles and Dating Dating in Your 40's... Never a Better Time? We're going on the record with this: Your 40's will be a time of unexpected romance and excitement with your love life! We know this to be true because The Denver Dating Company is one of America's most trusted and successful hosted matchmaking[...]

50+ Singles and Mature Dating

50+ Singles and Mature Dating Dating in Your 50's... Is It Legal to Have This Much Fun?!? If you have any trepidation about dating in your 50’s just remember this one mantra, It’s all about how old you feel inside! You are never too old for flirting your way towards romance. Dating in your 50's[...]

Senior Friendly Dating

Senior Friendly Dating Dating in Your Senior Years... the Best Is Yet to Come! In your 60’s your love life is just getting started! You are never too old for life’s greatest passion, there is plenty to learn and find in your senior years. Love can and should be one of them. Love is timeless[...]

Local Dating Near You

Local Dating Near You Denver Dating Brought to You by Fellow The Denver Dating Company Fun- and Romance-Seekers The Denver Dating Company Is Made to Help You! For over 30 years we have been the most trusted matchmaker and dating service for Denver singles. Know why? Specialized office located in Denver We are staffed &[...]

Speed Dating Events For All Ages

SPEED DATING – MEET 8 PEOPLE IN 1 HOUR The Denver Dating Company Special Dating Programs: Speed Dating We repeat, we are NOT just a dating website. We go beyond the same old singles mixers and boring events to bring you a full-service company that treats your love life with respect. We actually care about[...]

Singles Events and Singles Travel

Singles Events and Singles Travel Local Hosted Dating Events that Introduce You to Special People So you have been on a few dates and you think after meeting some of the most interesting people you have ever met, you have found the one. Wonder what's next? It’s time to go out and do something fun![...]