I’ve only ever had a wonderful experience with this company and the people who work here they are very receptive to my needs and are always helping me get out there meeting real people who are after the same things as me I was tired of either meeting scammers or people who just weren’t serious about dating and in the last 7 months I’ve seen a huge difference in the quality of my dating life.

Victoria Lewis
The new crew here has really turned things around for the better ✅
Armie Fowler

The team at The Denver Dating Company has really helped me to find the right partner. Before signing up with them I wasn’t meeting any quality men and that has all changed I am now seeing a great guy and so grateful for their service. Lori, Karen, and Lisa all work together to help their clients succeed. I recommend them highly to all my friends!

Alicia Adams

Much higher class of singles than the online sites, and pretty sure this is the only service that does background checks too. I love the singles events and the matchmakers are spot on. Lisa is fantastic! Best way to date in Denver BY FAR.

Sarah Riordan

I met this fantastic gentleman that Karen suggested to me and things have been going great! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience with The Denver Dating Company and Lisa, Karen, and Gerardo! So grateful I decided to join – Thank you!

Glenna Pack

As a middle aged businessman who has very little free time this was Just what was needed. Staff is well versed as to what is happening in the dating world What really drew me in is that they’re staff Lots of experience and their service is geared more towards the older Successful crowd

Dennis Wagster

My matchmaker encouraged me to be more proactive in my hunt for a long lasting relationship. My past few experiences have made me somewhat reticent about dating through any professional or online option. The Denver Dating team enabled me to redevelop the right kind of mindset for dating, which I feel is an invaluable help and I am forever grateful to them for being so lovely and patient with me.

Samuel Lucero

These folks know what they are doing and go out of their way to help you connect with the right person. I’ve only been a member for 3 months but Lori Adams seems always looking out for the right person for me. So glad I joined!

Russell Weister

Highly effective in the prep and functionality of this system. Top of the line in all that is provided for assistance.

Jon Crowther
Great people, have helped me with all of my questions and solved all of my problems.
Bob and Teri Coffman